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Basketball Game


Interest in our team is growing at a rapid pace. We are excited to invite your company or business to become partners for our inaugural season in the ABA. This is your chance to put your message in front of fresh eyes. Our business packages include tickets and advertising. We are also happy to design customized packages to meet your needs.

Become a Sponsor 

Improved Relationships

When you sponsor a basketball organization, you are building relationships with the players, coaches, and fans associated with the team. This can help to develop goodwill towards your business and create a sense of loyalty among members of the community.

Positive Brand Image

By sponsoring a basketball organization, you are showing that your business cares about the local community and is willing to invest in the sport. This type of positive brand image can be invaluable in today’s competitive marketplace.

 Increased Exposure

Sponsoring a basketball organization can give you access to new audiences and potential customers. Your logo and branding will be featured on uniforms, websites, banners, and more. This can help to boost awareness of your company and the products or services you offer.
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